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Erasmus+ Youth

Kicking off a digital storytelling journey

December 2023 marked the exciting kick-off of the Erasmus+ Youth Project ‘Digital Storytelling for Active Citizenship’, a collaboration between Migration Matters and Cooperative 3E, aimed at empowering youth to explore migration narratives through digital storytelling.

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GAPs Return Migration

GAPs Return Migration is a Horizon Europe project (2023-2026) that examines the disconnects between expectations of return migration policies and their actual outcomes.

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Presenting at UJ Sociology’s seminar series

Migration Matters led a seminar on cross-disciplinary practices in communicating migration research for students from the University of Johannesburg’s Sociology department as part of their Digital Migration Studies seminar series.

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Action Against Hate: Digital Exhibit

The ‘Action Against Hate’ screening in London earlier this month explored the theme of ‘Diversity and Religion’ through artwork and films made by artists and video makers from across Europe, including a Migration Matters video.

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Migrant Lives in Pandemic Times

Migrant Lives in Pandemic Times is a an international digital storytelling project exploring the unique challenges faced by migrants in a time of global crisis, produced by Migration Matters and CERC Migration.

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