Who we are Discover the origins, team, and innovative work of Migration Matters.

Our Mission

We support you in holding more nuanced and evidence-based conversations about migration.

Our mission is to cultivate evidence-based dialogue on migration, belonging, and diversity, incorporating critical perspectives from academics, researchers, practitioners, the public, and migrants and refugees themselves. By developing accessible educational resources and facilitating dialogue opportunities, we aim to promote nuanced debate and meaningful exchange. This approach combats polarization and discrimination and contributes to the development of inclusive, resilient, and socially cohesive communities. We envision a world where host societies are characterized by empathy, openness, and inclusivity.

Our Story

Founded in 2016 in Berlin by four migrant women, Migration Matters e.V. tackles the complex challenges of the migration discourse. Our non-profit organization emerged in response to the oversimplified ‘refugee crisis’ media coverage, aiming to reshape the narrative through a balanced, evidence-based approach.

Group team photo

Our Team

Our interdisciplinary team comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds including migration research, film production, and international education. Migrants and women are at the core of our team. United in our commitment to fostering nuanced, evidence-based discussions on migration, we strive together to build more inclusive societies.

How we work

Our innovative and collaborative methods at Migration Matters drive informed dialogue on migration and diversity. By creating engaging content, partnering globally, facilitating educational events, and amplifying diverse voices, we transform discussions and shift perceptions to foster inclusive, resilient communities worldwide.

Our Impact

In collaboration with renowned experts and various global partners, we’ve reshaped discussions on migration, enhanced understanding, and sparked dialogue around the world. Our international and local efforts aim to foster inclusive, resilient communities through informed, nuanced conversations.