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Media Training

Practical Digital Storytelling Workshop

In April 2024, participants from our Erasmus+ Youth Project “Digital Storytelling for Active Citizenship: Empowering Youth Through Migration Narratives” gathered in Berlin for a hands-on workshop exploring media techniques such as interviewing, filming, and editing.

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“Mediatization of Migration” at Radboud University

In late February, Migration Matters held a ‘Mediatization of Migration’ workshop at Radboud University. Thirty students explored how media framing affects perceptions of migration and migrants. Highlighting diverse perspectives and storytelling formats, the workshop aimed to equip students with tools to create counter-narratives and foster inclusive dialogue.

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Erasmus+ Youth

Kicking off a digital storytelling journey

December 2023 marked the exciting kick-off of the Erasmus+ Youth Project ‘Digital Storytelling for Active Citizenship’, a collaboration between Migration Matters and Cooperative 3E, aimed at empowering youth to explore migration narratives through digital storytelling.

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