What We Do We foster a nuanced conversation around migration through educational media, dialogue, and training.

Educational Media

Explore our extensive library of over 150 bite-sized educational videos on migration and diversity. Our content features insights from academics, migrants, practitioners, and the public across 10 series, challenging preconceptions and deepening understanding of complex issues like integration, climate-induced migration, and diverse global perspectives. Ideal for classrooms, training sessions, or social media, our videos are crafted to facilitate nuanced dialogue and promote a deeper comprehension of migration topics.

Dialogue & Events

At Migration Matters, dialogue drives our mission. We utilize impactful videos and educational resources to foster meaningful exchanges that transform the migration debate. Collaborating with diverse partners, we enrich workshops, lesson plans, conferences, and programs to facilitate learning, connection, and nuanced discussions on migration topics. Our resources, suitable for both face-to-face and digital settings, are designed to ignite interest and deepen understanding. Additionally, our team leads direct engagement through workshops, film screenings, and discussions, enhancing interaction with our content.

Media Training

Do you need support in creating impactful stories around your work? Leveraging our expertise in media production and digital storytelling, we offer customized training sessions to diverse audiences including academics, teachers, journalists, students, and civil society representatives. We can help you communicate complex ideas and research in an accessible and compelling way, across fields such as research, education, and advocacy. With storytelling, we aim to challenge prevailing narratives, highlight nuanced perspectives, and foster informed, in-depth discussions on crucial social themes.