Media Training We empower organizations and individuals to tell better stories about migration and other social topics.

At Migration Matters, we offer trainings that empower organizations and individuals to craft compelling narratives around their research and initiatives, going beyond migration to include a broad spectrum of social themes. Drawing from our experience in video production, digital storytelling, and engaging diverse communities, we offer tailored training sessions for academics, teachers, journalists, students, and civil society representatives. Our goal is to equip groups with the skills to communicate academic findings and stories in an accessible and engaging manner, whether their focus lies in research, education, or advocacy. Through these efforts, we help to complicate dominant narratives, spotlight nuanced stories, and promote a deeper, more informed dialogue on critical social issues.

Examples of our work


Presenting at UJ Sociology’s seminar series

Migration Matters led a seminar on cross-disciplinary practices in communicating migration research for students from the University of Johannesburg’s Sociology department as part of their Digital Migration Studies seminar series.

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