Our Story

Migration Matters e.V. is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2016 by four migrant women with backgrounds in journalism, education, migration research, and civic engagement in response to media coverage about the so-called ‘refugee crisis’. We are based in Berlin, Germany.

At the time, we noticed three concerning trends:

  1. migration being increasingly problematized and presented in a “pro” vs. “con” framework,
  2. a lack of academic research and evidence reaching the public, and
  3. the voices of those most affected missing from the debate.

Our mission became to help host societies navigate and hold better conversations about complex issues related to migration and diversity to combat increasing polarization and discrimination.

Through media productions, dialogue events, and trainings, our team makes research, evidence, and original perspectives on migration and diversity issues accessible to the public to encourage evidence-based debate and, ultimately, to foster inclusive, resilient, socially cohesive communities.

Since 2016, we have produced over 150 bite-sized videos on topics ranging from the relationship between migration and climate change to integration and diversity and migrant lives during the pandemic that feature academic experts, practitioners, the public, and those with lived experience. We also design, organize, and participate regularly in events that promote dialogue with various target audiences and train civil society, academics, and others in digital storytelling and media production.

Our videos and resources are used widely across Europe and beyond in classrooms, teacher and journalist trainings, online journalism, social media campaigns, and advocacy efforts.

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