How We Work

At Migration Matters, our approach to fostering informed and nuanced dialogue on migration and diversity is both innovative and collaborative. Here’s how we do it:

Creating Accessible Content

Leveraging the power of storytelling, we produce bite-sized videos and educational series that challenge misconceptions and promote a deeper understanding of migration’s complexities. Our content, grounded in cutting-edge research by world-renowned academics, is designed to be accessible and engaging for a wide audience.

Building Collaborative Partnerships

We work alongside more than 25 partners across five continents, including educational institutions, civil society organizations, academia, and advocacy groups. These collaborations amplify our impact, allowing our content to resonate widely and deeply.

Facilitating Dialogue and Education

Through workshops, film screenings, trainings, and direct outreach, we create spaces for meaningful exchange and learning. Our efforts have reached over 300 journalists, 500 teachers, and 5,000 students globally, fostering nuanced debate and influencing the next generation’s perspective on migration and diversity.

Amplifying Diverse Voices

Our work features the stories of migrants, refugees, and displaced individuals, voices that are commonly marginalized in media and public debate. By bringing these lived experiences into the spotlight, we contribute to a richer, more informed dialogue that respects and values all those affected by the migration discourse.

Advocacy and Impact

Our work extends beyond content creation and community engagement. We aim to transform narratives and influence policies that effectively combat polarization and discrimination. Our ultimate aim is to cultivate societies that are not only well-informed, but open and inclusive.

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