Educational Resources for Teachers Discover our educational resources that can help you bring migration and diversity discussions into the classroom.

Migration Matters is an innovative educational NGO that collaborates with a wide array of educational institutions and civil society groups, including schools, universities, and global education initiatives, to bring crucial discussions on migration and diversity into formal and non-formal learning environments. We specialize in creating compelling educational resources, from videos and a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to lesson plans, that make complex research and diverse perspectives accessible and engaging. We empower educators and facilitators to foster informed, nuanced dialogue on migration topics in classrooms and beyond. Additionally, we conduct our own educational workshops, film screenings, and trainings for students, teachers, journalists, civil society representatives, and various other groups. Join us in shaping a more evidence-based and inclusive conversation on migration worldwide.

Educational Media

Since 2016, we’ve produced over 150 bite-sized educational videos on migration and diversity, featuring insights from academic researchers, migrants, practitioners, and the public. Our 10 video series challenge preconceptions and foster a deeper understanding of critical issues, such as integration, the impact of climate change on migration, and perspectives from both destination and origin countries. These videos are integral to classrooms and lesson plans across Europe and beyond. In 2024, we’re expanding our educational media to include our first podcast, focusing on climate-induced migration.

Lesson Plans

Migration Matters and its partners have developed lesson plans to provide educators with essential resources to address migration, identity, and diversity in high school classrooms. Built around engaging Migration Matters videos, these plans encourage deep discussions and interactive learning on topics like integration, belonging, and discrimination. Additionally, we’ve collaborated with initiatives such as “Teaching Immigration for European Schools,” which has integrated our resources into their innovative teaching modules that help educators across Europe bring academic knowledge on migration into the classroom.

The MM team and researcher from WZB leading a high school workshop in Berlin

School Workshops

We engage in a diverse array of educational projects and partnerships. From our ‘Research meets school’ initiative, which introduces migration research into Berlin high school classrooms, to our involvement in Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange, producing video series for online classrooms bringing together refugee and non-refugee students, we are committed to bringing complex migration topics and nuanced dialogue into various educational settings. Our collaborations extend to academic institutions, universities, schools, global education programs, and teacher training organizations.

Picture of English teacher, Eva Degler

Eva Degler

English teacher, Gemeinschaftsschule auf dem Campus Rütli, Berlin

Migration Matters workshops offer a great opportunity for students and teachers to engage in a fact-based discussion around the topics of migration and mobility. Their take is nuanced and their approach is very student-centered – I highly recommend doing this in your classroom.