Projects Diverse approaches, one mission: Explore our current and past projects that are shaping the discourse on migration.

Migration Matters engages in a wide range of international, national, and local projects that bring evidence-based perspectives on migration and diversity to diverse target audiences. We collaborate with partners from academia, education, civil society, media, and advocacy and excel in disseminating impactful content and co-designing initiatives that go beyond pro and con to foster dialogue and nuanced debate. We welcome inquiries about new partnerships, project ideas, and collaboration opportunities and look forward to hearing from you!

Current projects


Voices on the Move

Voices on the Move is a new podcast series launching in autumn 2024 that explores the complex links between climate change and mobility. Through powerful stories and expert insights, this series highlights the real-life impacts of climate-induced displacement and the innovative grassroots solutions emerging globally.

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GAPs Return Migration

GAPs Return Migration is a Horizon Europe project (2023-2026) that examines the disconnects between expectations of return migration policies and their actual outcomes.

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Past projects


I Am European

“I Am European”: Migration Stories & Facts for the 21st Century is a European Commission funded project that aims to raise awareness about migration issues among youth and multipliers in Europe.

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Virtual Exchange

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange empowers youth in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean with meaningful online intercultural experiences, enhancing education through Virtual Exchanges. This initiative fosters intercultural dialogue, employability, and citizenship, engaging young people aged 18-30 in a safe online community.

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Annamaria Olsson

Annamaria Olsson

Founder, Give Something Back to Berlin

Migration Matters is a powerful tool in the everyday work of volunteers, refugee activists and anyone who easily gets into discussions on migration topics around the dinner table. Armed with facts, empathetic and humanistically-minded people do a better job at tackling both cynicism and misconceptions.