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Migration & Identity

Lesson Plan: Who decides if I belong?

This lesson plan offers high school students an exploration of identity, belonging, discrimination, and migration. Through activities, video screenings, and discussions, students will examine how identity is shaped and the role of discrimination in belonging. The 150-minute lesson encourages students to reflect on their identities in relation to migrants and consider their roles in creating inclusive societies and standing against discrimination.

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Integration & Belonging

Lesson Plan: Rethinking ‘Us’ & ‘Them’

This lesson plan helps high school students examine their perceptions of integration, belonging, identity, and migration. In a 90-minute session, students engage in activities, discussions, and video screenings to explore ‘Us’ versus ‘Them’ dynamics. The lesson challenges students to reconsider their views on integration, aiming to educate and empower them to think critically about their roles in a diverse society.

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Immigration in Germany

Lesson Plan: Who is a ‘Real German’?

This lesson plan invites high school students to explore immigration in Germany, focusing on societal perceptions and their impact on immigrants’ sense of belonging. Through activities and videos, students will examine identity and what it means to be ‘German’. The lesson encourages students to compare their experiences with those of migrants, fostering empathy and critical thinking about building an inclusive society.

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