Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans provide educators with essential resources to address migration, identity, and diversity in high school classrooms. Built around engaging Migration Matters videos, these plans encourage deep discussions and interactive learning on topics like integration, belonging, and discrimination. These adaptable and accessible plans are ideal to promote critical engagement and empathy, inspiring students to contemplate their role in fostering inclusive societies.

Lesson Plan: Who is a ‘Real German’?

This lesson plan invites high school students to delve into the complex tapestry of immigration in Germany, examining societal perceptions and their impact on immigrants’ sense of belonging. Through engaging activities and thought-provoking Migration Matters video content, students will explore the multifaceted concept of identity and what they understand as ‘German’. This lesson challenges conventional narratives and encourages students to compare their own experiences of belonging with those of migrants. It aims to foster an environment of empathy and critical thinking, prompting students to reflect on what actions can contribute to building an inclusive society and on the roles we all play in the integration and belonging of immigrants.

Lesson Plan: Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them'

This lesson plan invites high school students to critically examine their perceptions of integration, belonging, identity, and migration. Over a 90-minute session, students engage in interactive activities, reflective discussions, and thought-provoking video screenings providing various perspectives to explore the fluidity of ‘Us’ versus ‘Them’ dynamics in society. The lesson challenges students to reconsider their views on integration and its connection to identity and belonging. It aims not only to educate but also to empower students to think critically about complex social issues and their roles in a diverse society.

Lesson Plan: Who decides if I belong?

This lesson plan offers an in-depth exploration for high school students into the themes of identity, belonging, discrimination, and migration. Through interactive activities, thought-provoking video screenings, and discussions, students will engage with the complex dynamics of how identity is shaped and the role discrimination plays in one’s sense of belonging. The 150-minute lesson aims to foster empathy and a nuanced understanding of diverse experiences, challenging students to reflect on their own identities in relation to those with migration backgrounds and to consider their roles in creating inclusive societies and standing up against discrimination.