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Migrant Lives in Pandemic Times

Migrant Lives in Pandemic Times

How have migrants been affected by Covid-19? This series of documentary shorts explore the stories of 12 migrants in 11 countries and scholars share which policy change can improve their conditions.

I Am European

I Am European: Young migrants share their stories

Stories of migration, belonging, and identity: We asked 17 young people in Europe what it’s like to be a migrant or how it feels to be perceived as a migrant when you’re actually a local.

Big Climate Movement Series Image

The Big Climate Movement

with François Gemenne, Yvonne Su, and Caroline Zickgraf

You’ll never look at a headline about “climate refugees” the same. In this series, three experts and eight climate activists dissect the complex interactions between migration and climate change.


Rethink Populism

with Sinem Adar, Oliviero Angeli, Israel Butler, and Ertuğ Tombuş

Learn about the topic of populism from the lens of migration, diversity, democracy, and human rights. Our four experts hone in on Europe and Turkey to offer you new perspectives on this current phenomenon.


Rethink Nationalism

with Nando Sigona and Anna Triandafyllidou

The debate surrounding nationalism often grabs hold of the right to belong and to exclude. This 12-part series explores this topic as part of an interactive open online course within the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project.


Rethink Migration… Our Best-Of Series

with Naika Foroutan, Hein de Haas, Nassim Majidi and others

We’ve remixed some of our most popular clips and voices on topics such as smuggling, borders, German identity, and multiculturalism, adding a bit of moderation for a new take on old favorites.


Rethinking ‘Us’ & ‘Them’

with Naika Foroutan and Irene Bloemraad

Increased diversity in Europe is a problem for some, a cause for celebration for others, and a lived reality for many. This course offers nuanced and evidence-based insights on integration and identity.


Migration 101 with Hein de Haas

Is migration as big a deal as we make it out to be? In this course, we take a look at some of the most commonly-held preconceptions about migration with acclaimed academic Hein de Haas.


A Migrant’s View with Nassim Majidi

This course gives you 8 key insights into migration that come from the largely overlooked perspectives of migrants. Delivered by origin country expert Nassim Majidi.


Six Impossible Ideas (after Brexit)

We teamed up with the London School of Economics (LSE) to bring you the most original ideas and findings on migration after Brexit, from jobs to borders to media.


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