Intro to A Migrant's View with Nassim Majidi

Meet Nassim Majidi, our next expert thinker and origin country expert who stars in our bite-sized course, A Migrant’s View.

Refugees, Migrants, Asylum-Seekers: Who Are They?

To kick off our series with origin country expert Nassim Majidi, we ask her to lay out the definitions of terms such as refugee, asylum-seeker, and migrant. Can migrants be classified into neat categories? Should they be?

"Good Refugees" Stay in the Region but "Bad Migrants" Come to Europe?

In our second episode of A Migrant’s View, we decided to go beyond definitions. We asked Nassim Majidi to address the often-heard view that those asylum-seekers who stay in their region are more deserving of protection than those who come to Europe of their own volition.

Is "Refugee Crisis" a Fair Assessment of the Situation in Europe?

Refugee crisis, global refugee crisis, migrant crisis. While Europe is no longer seeing the same numbers of people arriving on the continent’s shores as in 2015, the language still persists around us. And even then, was crisis an accurate labelling of the situation, and what consequences does this terminology have?

Why Do People Risk Their Lives to Come to Europe?

In this episode of A Migrant’s View, migration specialist Nassim Majidi offers insights into what really motivates migrants to make the oftentimes perilous journey to Europe.

Regardless of whether you agree with her assessments, her research into what drives decisions to migrate will enhance and deepen your perspective on the issue.

Will Fighting Smuggling Reduce Migration?

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that smugglers are bad, right? Not so fast. The narrative is certainly presented that way in the media, but the reality is (as usual!) more complicated. Nassim Majidi, who has spoken to many smugglers and those who use their services, gives us the more comprehensive story.

Do Deportations Cut Migration?

We hear a lot about deportations on both sides of the Atlantic. In November 2016, then President-Elect Trump announced plans to deport 2-3 million undocumented workers. A month earlier, a migration deal was signed by Afghanistan and the EU that allowed member states to deport unlimited numbers of Afghans back “home”. But how effective are deportations in actually deterring people from migrating, and what other consequences can they have? Samuel Hall’s Nassim Majidi offers deeper observations from on-the-ground research in Afghanistan and Somalia.

Nassim's Takeaway: Can Europe Welcome Them All?

Hands up if you’ve been asked the question, “But can we really take them all?” We know we have. In this final episode of A Migrant’s View, migration specialist and origin country expert Nassim Majidi gives us three bold answers.

Meet the Expert

Nassim Majidi

Dr. Nassim Majidi is the co-Founder & Director of Samuel Hall, a social enterprise dedicated to migration research across Asia, Africa and Europe, with offices in Kabul, Nairobi, Tunis and Berlin. There she leads a team of 40+ researchers and field coordinators across countries of origin, transit, and destination. Dr. Majidi completed her Ph.D. at Sciences Po in France on return and reintegration policies. She is a Research Associate with the African Centre for Migration & Society (AMCS), Wits University, South Africa and the Feinstein International Center at Tufts University in Boston, MA, USA.