I Am European

Young migrants share their stories

‘I Am European: Young Migrants Share Their Stories’ is a series that sheds light on the lived experiences of young migrants (and people with a migration background) within Europe. This series goes beyond simple narratives to explore the complexities of identity, belonging, and the social hurdles encountered by migrants. From personal tales of discrimination to the pursuit of integration and acceptance, ‘I Am European’ offers an honest look at what it means to navigate life in a new place while striving to maintain one’s identity.

I am… here for many reasons

Hear from young migrants living in Europe about their reasons for starting a new life (or chapter!) in a different place. There’s usually more than one!

I am… not always welcome

Being an outsider isn’t always easy. Young migrants from different countries and backgrounds share their experiences of prejudice, exclusion, and racism.

I am… from here

From casual negative comments to overt discrimination, people share insights into the challenges of being excluded from the place they call home.

I am… more than my name

What’s in a name? Young migrants across Europe share a range of hurdles they face because of their foreign names and how it impacts their lives.

I am… many things

Identity is complex and multi-layered. The speakers in this episode describe themselves in many ways but other people often view them differently.

I am… finding my way

In many places, migrants are expected to “integrate” into the local society. But what does that mean and how do we build cohesive communities?