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Our Mission

We support you in holding more nuanced and evidence-based conversations about migration.

Our mission is to cultivate evidence-based dialogue on migration, belonging, and diversity, incorporating critical perspectives from academics, researchers, practitioners, the public, and migrants and refugees themselves. By developing accessible educational resources and facilitating dialogue opportunities, we aim to promote nuanced debate and meaningful exchange. This approach combats polarization and discrimination and contributes to the development of inclusive, resilient, and socially cohesive communities. We envision a world where host societies are characterized by empathy, openness, and inclusivity.

Our Latest Video Series

Documentary Series

Migrant Lives in Pandemic Times

How have migrants been affected by Covid-19? This series of documentary shorts explore the stories of 12 migrants in 11 countries and scholars share which policy change can improve their conditions.

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Video Series

I Am European

Stories of migration, belonging, and identity: We asked 17 young people in Europe what it’s like to be a migrant or how it feels to be perceived as a migrant when you’re actually a local.

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Video Series

The Big Climate Movement

with François Gemenne, Yvonne Su, and Caroline Zickgraf

You’ll never look at a headline about “climate refugees” the same. In this series, three experts and eight climate activists dissect the complex interactions between migration and climate change.

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Ana María Alvarez Monge

Ana María Alvarez Monge

Founder & CEO, Migrapreneur

Back in 2015, when hundreds of Germans stood and welcomed refugees, we saw clearly what much of the rest of Europe was missing: information and empathy. This is why I believe Migration Matters is not only a great organization, but a crucial one for these challenging times.