I am… here for many reasons

Hear from young migrants living in Europe about their reasons for starting a new life (or chapter!) in a different place. There’s usually more than one!

I am… more than my name

What’s in a name? Young migrants across Europe share a range of hurdles they face because of their foreign names and how it impacts their lives.

I am… not always welcome

Being an outsider isn’t always easy. Young migrants from different countries and backgrounds share their experiences of prejudice, exclusion, and racism.

I am… many things

Identity is complex and multi-layered. The speakers in this episode describe themselves in many ways but other people often view them differently.

I am… from here

From casual negative comments to overt discrimination, people share insights into the challenges of being excluded from the place they call home.

I am… finding my way

In many places, migrants are expected to “integrate” into the local society. But what does that mean and how do we build cohesive communities?

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