Why Do People Risk Their Lives to Come to Europe?

Why Do People Risk Their Lives to Come to Europe?


In this episode of A Migrant’s View, migration specialist Nassim Majidi offers insights into what really motivates migrants to make the oftentimes perilous journey to Europe. Regardless of whether you agree with her assessments, her research into what drives decisions to migrate will enhance and deepen your perspective on the issue.

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Recommended Reading

This particular piece from Nassim’s series for Refugees Deeply highlights the expectations of Afghans deciding to migrate to Europe.

The International Rescue Committee has a dedicated page detailing the decades-long humanitarian challenges and crises facing 9 million of Afghanistan’s 30 million people.

An article from Ghana Star looks at the expectations of vs. realities for Ghanaian migrants in the Netherlands in the context of immigration policy and human rights.

One example of the EU fending off migrants through development projects targeted at the “root causes of migration” can be found with Eritrean refugees in Sudan, discussed in this Center for Global Development blog piece.

One of our Migration 101 videos with University of Amsterdam Professor Hein de Haas tackles the commonly held perception that welfare benefits drive migration.

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Nassim Majidi

Nassim is associate doctor at Sciences Po’s Centre for International Studies and the Co-Founder/Head of Migration Practice at Samuel Hall. Nassim conducts research into conditions in origin countries, studying questions like motivations for migration, migrant journeys, the role of smuggling, and post-return outcomes via Samuel Hall’s regional offices in Nairobi, Kabul, and Mogadishu.