Can Europe Welcome Them All?

Nassim's Takeaway: Can Europe Welcome Them All?


Hands up if you’ve been asked the question, “But can we really take them all?”. We know we have. In this final episode of A Migrant’s View, migration specialist and origin country expert Nassim Majidi gives us three answers to this prevailing question from the humanitarian, political, and economic points of view. Let us know what you think about her response on Twitter at @migrmatters.

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Recommended Reading

Debate Europe hosted a live debate at the ULB Campus in Brussels on the topic of whether Europe has a moral duty to accept refugees.

In 2015, Freedom House in Washington, DC posted this article outlining the legal obligations of countries to accept Syrian refugees.

Watch this clip about the statement made by head of Daimler, Dieter Zetsche, that refugees could be Germany’s next economic miracle.

Help Refugees Help Themselves: This Foreign Affairs article advocates for a new approach to dealing with the “refugee crisis” in the region, through a lens of economic innovation.

Refugee Economies is a book available for download that presents research findings on refugees in Uganda challenging five popular myths about the capability of refugees to contribute to host countries.

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Nassim Majidi

Nassim is associate doctor at Sciences Po’s Centre for International Studies and the Co-Founder/Head of Migration Practice at Samuel Hall. Nassim conducts research into conditions in origin countries, studying questions like motivations for migration, migrant journeys, the role of smuggling, and post-return outcomes via Samuel Hall’s regional offices in Nairobi, Kabul, and Mogadishu.