A Migrant’s View

A Migrant’s View

The debate on migration is heavily focussed on host countries and communities. This course fills the gap by giving you 8 key insights into migration that come from the perspectives and experiences of migrants.

What can research into origin countries tell us about how and why people migrate? In this course we look at migration from the perspective of the migrant with origin country expert Nassim Majidi. You’ll learn about migrant motivations and communities, legal definitions and human rights, the role of the smuggler, and what happens to people after they are deported.

What to expect:

  • One email a day over 8 days
  • 3-5 minutes of learning a day
  • Recommendations for further learning

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Nassim Majidi

Nassim is associate doctor at Sciences Po’s Centre for International Studies, and the Co-Founder/Head of Migration Practice at Samuel Hall. Nassim conducts research into conditions in origin countries, studying questions like motivations for migration, migrant journeys, the role of smuggling and post-return outcomes via Samuel Hall’s regional offices in Nairobi, Kabul and Mogadishu.

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