Migration Matters is a non-profit organization that was founded in January 2016 by Julia Karmo, Sophia Burton, Kelly Miller, and Elina Ribakova in response to media coverage about the so-called refugee crisis. Our team has since grown to include Bernadette Klausberger and Julian van Dieken, two of the creators behind one of the 50 most popular Massive Open Online Courses of all time: The Future of Storytelling.

We are part of the groundbreaking Erasmus Plus Virtual Exchange consortium, awardees of grants from The London School of Economics and Advocate Europe and a 1st place winner of the 2017 Migration Media Award from the International Centre for Migration Policy Development.

Our mission is to empower the public to have more nuanced and evidence-based conversations about migration. We produce bite-sized video courses that complicate commonly held preconceptions with original ideas, research, and solutions-oriented perspectives from leading thinkers in the field: researchers, practitioners, as well as migrants and refugees themselves.

Help us change the debate around migration by informing your family and friends about Migration Matters, sharing our videos, and contributing your questions and ideas for future course topics to team@migrationmatters.me. Let’s #rethinkmigration together.


Sophia Burton

Sophia works at the intersection of migration, media, and online education. In addition to co-founding Migration Matters and serving on its Executive Board, she leads a project on Media & Migration in Europe at Mediendienst Integration. Sophis holds an EdM from Harvard University, is a dual German-American citizen, and is originally from Washington, DC.

Kelly Miller

Kelly is a translator, editor, educator, and advocate for inclusive societies. She has conducted research on newcomer integration in the German context and holds an M.A. in social anthropology. In addition to continued practice in intercultural facilitation and pedagogy, she loves to write and is the co-founder of Collidoscope Berlin.

Bernadette Klausberger

Bernadette is a media producer and passionate developer of projects at the intersection of film, art, and education. Originally from Austria, she studied media science and cultural management in Berlin. She has worked creatively and administratively on films ranging from auteur projects to mainstream entertainment and international co-productions.

Julia Karmo

Julia is a journalist and founding editor of Migration Matters. Motivated by the acute need to improve the public’s understanding of migration, she initiated the project in 2015, established the first academic partnerships, and led the development of the first three courses on the platform. Julia is now engaged as an ambassador by promoting Migration Matters courses. She can be  found on Twitter at @juliakarmo and contacted at julia.karmo@gmail.com.

Julian van Dieken

Julian is a filmmaker, photographer and media producer based in Berlin. He shoots documentaries, produces educational videos and online courses. He has worked with, besides, and in front of the camera for over 15 years. You can see more of his work at: www.vandieken.com.

Elina Ribakova

Elina is an economist and lecturer with 15+ years of financial industry and policymaking experience who currently serves as Chief Economist at Deutsche Bank. She graduated from the University of Warwick with an MSc in Economics where she received the Shiv Nath Prize.


Our work would not be possible without the help and support of many willing and gracious hands:

Sarah Brandmeyer
Pamela Fernandez
Anna Kleibl
Sang Eui Lee
David San Milian
Stefan Nielsen
Anna van Odijk
Elisabeth Roura
Livia Shallon
Matthieu Tanguay-Carel
Jasmin Stark
Björn Wengenmeier
Justin Wright
Laura Yeffeth
Karoline Schulz
Judith Garcia
Elisabeth Roura
Gemma Hennesey

…and of course, all those who participated in our course and gave to our original crowd-funding campaign: friends, family, colleagues, supportive strangers who believed in this project from the very beginning.