Whether in a classroom to introduce students to the concept of integration or an online session at your conference on migration and climate change, we can design the right workshop for you.

  • 150+ videos and numerous discussion formats, activities, and speakers to draw from
  • Specialized in interactive workshops that spark thought-provoking and open debate
  • Available in English or German

Film Screenings

We have produced over 150 bite-sized videos and digital stories on migration and diversity and regularly hold film screenings that facilitate dialogue and deeper learning around migration and diversity topics.

  • Flexible focus based on a migration topic or digital storytelling formats & methods
  • Available to fully plan and lead your event or be invited as part of a Q&A or panel discussion
  • Available in English or German
in Naples at Dialogue Place


We support others in telling better stories with our 8+ years experience in video production and projects that complicate narratives, highlight nuanced stories, and communicate research accessibly.

  • Training in digital storytelling methods, (remote) productions, and communications
  • Tailored to your audience and goals, whether in research, education, or advocacy
  • Available in English or German


Bringing multimedia storytelling to IMISCOE

Migration Matters together with CERC Migration led an interactive session on multimedia storytelling and alternative modes of knowledge production at the 20th annual IMISCOE conference in July 2023.

Presenting at UJ Sociology’s seminar series

Migration Matters led a seminar on cross-disciplinary practices in communicating migration research for students from the University of Johannesburg’s Sociology department as part of their Digital Migration Studies seminar series.

Digital Storytelling Screening at Uppsala University

Migration Matters led a film screening and discussion with academics and students at Uppsala University on the potential of digital storytelling for shifting migration narratives and communicating migration research.

Action Against Hate: Digital Exhibit

The ‘Action Against Hate’ screening in London earlier this month explored the theme of ‘Diversity and Religion’ through artwork and films made by artists and video makers from across Europe, including a Migration Matters video.


Bernadette Klausberger

Bernadette is a film and media producer who develops innovative projects at the intersection of art and education. Originally from Austria, she studied film production at the dffb in Berlin, as well as media studies and cultural management. In collaboration with artists and scholars, she works on new ways to tell stories and effectively engage audiences. She served as executive board member from 2017-2019 and now works as a freelance producer and creative director for Migration Matters.

Sophia Burton

Sophia is a co-founder and the managing director of Migration Matters whose work lies at the intersection of migration, media, and online education. She has over 12 years of experience in project management and network development and has previously worked at Mediendienst Integration, Kiron Open Higher Education, and Migration Policy Institute. Sophia holds a Masters in International Education Policy from Harvard University. Find her on Twitter at @SophiaKBurton.