In what ways is nationalism good or bad? The public weighs in

Is nationalism good or bad? The word “nationalism” has become increasingly loaded, so we asked an international group of people on the street what the word means to them and how they identify.

Meet political scientist Anna Triandafyllidou

Meet European University Institute’s Anna Triandafyllidou, one of your experts in this series who will tell us more about nationalism through her expertise on the Other, globalization, and cities.

What does nationalism look like in today’s global world?

As globalization becomes more relevant, does nationalism become less relevant? Anna explains how nationalism has changed but why it still holds meaning for many.

Where do Roma belong in European societies?

Did you know Roma are Europe’s largest minority group? Nando explores this group’s history of belonging on the continent and the reality of their so-called integration.

Meet diversity & migration researcher Nando Sigona

Say hello to Nando Sigona of the University of Birmingham, one of your experts in this series who will be sharing his research on migration and belonging through the lens of statelessness, citizenship, and superdiversity.

Does national belonging (still) matter? And for whom?

Is nationalism a relevant concept in today’s world? We sat down with Anna to dissect how we live and feel nationalism and belonging in our everyday’s lives, from big cities to small towns, from past to present.

How is independence in Catalonia related to nationalism?

Why do some Catalans want independence from the rest of Spain? We talked to people on the streets of Barcelona to learn more about local nationalism and if it differs from other waves of nationalism in Europe today.

How is (super)diversity changing how we belong?

There’s something more diverse than diversity? Nando breaks down the fairly new concept of “superdiversity” and why it’s relevant in Europe today in defining increasingly complex and multilayered identities.

How are nationality, citizenship, and immigration connected?

How does your nation define who belongs? Nando unpacks the differences between nationality and citizenship, how someone may begin belong, and where migration fits into it all.

How do we use Others to shape our own national identities?

How do Others factor into how we identify our own national identities? We asked Anna about our relational feeling to so-called Significant Others and how migrants and Muslims fit into the discussion

What is a city without migration? The DNA of cities

What is a city without migration? Anna shares how cities are affected by migration and how in turn they can influence our individual and national identities. She also speaks of her own experience.

What will nationalism look like in a future Europe?

Where do we go from here? Nando and Anna share some concluding thoughts on nationalism, belonging, and the way forward for European societies.

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