Organizations worldwide use our accessible, bite-sized videos to impart nuance and research on migration and refugees to their networks and beneficiaries. Interested in using our videos or partnering with us to help #spreadtheword? Get in touch below!


Type of Partnership:

Educational Blog

How the content was used:

LSE Brexit Blog shared videos from our 'Six Impossible Ideas (After Brexit)' series in blog posts with commentary and research about Britain's exit from the European Union.

Migration Matters videos have been one of the more sought after content on LSE Brexit, they have allowed us to reach new audiences due to their visual attractiveness and relevance.

— Dr Roch Dunin-Wąsowicz, Managing Editor, LSE Brexit Blog


Type of Partnership:

Higher Education & Virtual Exchanges

How the content was used:

Sharing Perspectives Foundation incorporated six of our videos on integration and media into the curriculum of their accredited “REFUGE/ES” virtual exchange program that fosters dialogue between refugees and non-refugees.

The Migration Matters videos were inspiring and helped trigger interesting discussions on media coverage in our virtual programme for refugees and non-refugees. We look forward to further collaboration.

— Casper van der Heijden, Co-Founder & Managing Director


Give Something Back To Berlin

Type of Partnership:


How the content was used:

To better inform their community of volunteers and newcomers about the issues, GBSBT creates blog posts with our videos that they post on their online magazine.

Migration Matters is a powerful tool in the everyday work of volunteers, refugee activists and anyone who easily gets into discussions on migration topics around the dinner table. Armed with facts, empathetic and humanistically-minded people do a better job at tackling both cynicism and misconceptions.

— Annamaria Olsson, Founder


RD logo

Type of Partnership:


How the content was used:

Refugees Deeply is a news platform for deep reporting and analysis on refugees that is our publishing partner for Rethinking 'Us' & 'Them' and has written explainers on integration and diversity around our videos.

Refugees Deeply was delighted to partner with Migration Matters for their course on integration and diversity in Germany and Canada. Their excellent video production, world-class experts and smart and concise material was a fantastic complement to Refugees Deeply’s reporting and analysis on refugee integration.

— Charlotte Alfred, Managing Editor


Type of Partnership:

Civic Dialogue

How the content was used:

Hate-Free Cities serves as a prototype for dealing with crucial issues in European public discourse and used our videos in offline trainings about Islamophobia and human rights with youth workers, migrants, and refugees.

Migration Matters videos were very useful in sparking a discussion about topics that are usually not considered interesting to talk about in the Czech Republic, like integration. The videos provided new insights and perspectives from refugees that allowed the participants to reexamine their attitudes toward migrants and the practices they are implementing in their work with foreigners.

— Dorota Osvaldíková, Czech Republic Coordinator


Type of Partnership:

Civic Education

How the Content Is Being Used:

The PROVIDUS Centre for Public Policy will use videos from our courses Migration 101 and A Migrant's View in Latvian secondary schools and in workshops with educators. Videos are being subtitled in Latvian and Russian to reach this wider audience.

By adopting Migration Matters video courses, we would like to change the extent to which migration as a topic is currently present in the Latvian education system. We hope that these courses will improve students’ ability to analyse information available in the public space, their capacity to engage in discussions about migration, as well as change negative attitudes that tend to be directed towards newcomers in Latvia.

— Agnese Lāce, Senior Policy Analyst


Types of organizations we work with

The three main types of organizations we work with are rooted in advocacy, education, and journalism. However, we are open to partnering with any organization that has a specific use for our content that strengthens or generates discussion and dialogue on migration and refugees – e.g. fostering civic dialogue, humanitarian aid, professional development, social justice, and community-based initiatives.

Clips in German, French, and Italian

The only question we’ve heard in relation to our courses more than “Who is this for?” is “Why are your videos only in English?”. Well, we’ve listened, and are proud to announce that the majority of our videos are now available in German, French, and Italian (and a few clips in Greek and Spanish, too). All subtitled videos are available for use under Creative Commons Attribution License on our YouTube channel.



  • We have produced approximately 70 bite-sized videos with academics, practitioners, and the public that impart research and original perspectives in accessible language, breakdown commonly-held preconceptions, and offer clear take-aways to empower viewers to have better conversations about migration and refugees.
  • Our videos are 2-8 minutes in length and designed to be shared and consumed quickly: they are ideal for those who want to learn but don’t have a lot of time to invest in sorting through the research.
  • Our videos are versatile and can complement your work online or offline: you can incorporate them into articles or blog posts, include them in curricula, or screen them in workshops or trainings.


All of our videos are available on our YouTube channel and can be used and shared under Creative Commons Attribution License. In certain cases, we also make native files available for special purposes, such as offline workshops or trainings.

Interested in getting access to native files or partnering with Migration Matters for an event or project? If you check all the following boxes, we want to hear from you!

  • We could benefit from short, accessible videos that impart research and original perspectives on migration and refugees in our work online or offline.
  • We operate in one of the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Spanish or Greek.
  • We are looking for a presenter, speaker, or workshop facilitator for an event related to migration, refugees, diversity, belonging, nationalism, or populism.
  • We are looking for consultation on digital media production, social media campaigns/branding, online/offline course development, or academic PR.

Write to us

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