Who we work with

We work closely with partners in academia, education, civil society, media, and advocacy to bring nuanced and evidence-based content and formats about migration to different audiences and platforms.

  • We welcome inquiries about new partnerships, project ideas, and collaboration opportunities and look forward to hearing from you!

Consortium or project partner

We are the ideal dissemination partner for your EU consortium working on migration and diversity topics as well as a partner to co-design a production or local project that supports dialogue and nuanced debate.

  • Experience in three EU consortia, an international digital storytelling project, Berlin-based initiatives, and in-house designed projects.

Why partner with us

In addition to media productions, our project roles can include digital storytelling training, dialogue events such as screenings and workshops, communications and social media, and project management.

  • Interdisciplinary expertise in communicating scientific research, target audience definition, narrative change, and blended learning.


Erasmus+ Youth Project: Digital Migration Stories

Digital Migration Stories is an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange (2023-24) led by Migration Matters and Cooperative 3E (Finland) to promote active citizenship through digital storytelling on migration.

GAPs Return Migration Project

GAPs Return Migration is a Horizon Europe project (2023-2026) that examines the disconnects between expectations of return migration policies and their actual outcomes.

Introducing our “Research Meets School” Project

“Research meets school – new perspectives on migration and integration” is a project that expands and strengthens the political education of students on the topics of migration and integration.

Migrant Lives in Pandemic Times

Migrant Lives in Pandemic Times is a an international digital storytelling project exploring the unique challenges faced by migrants in a time of global crisis, produced by Migration Matters and CERC Migration.




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