How many people migrate?

Between the refugee crisis and globalization it can feel like we’re living in a time of unprecedented mass migration. University of Amsterdam’s Hein de Haas shares with us the actual reality when it comes to the numbers.

Are smugglers the problem?

If there’s one thing most of us can agree on, it’s that smugglers are bad. Not so fast, says origin-country researcher Nassim Majidi, whose work in countries like Afghanistan shows an unexpected side to smuggling.

Why do people migrate?

We’ve become obsessed with categorizing those coming to Europe as “deserving refugees” or here “just for a job.” In this clip, Samuel Hall’s Nassim Majidi offers another way to think about why people migrate.

Who is a real German?

From the academic research of Naika Foroutan to people’s opinions off the street, we went on a hunt to figure out who is a “real German.” Listen to this array of voices talk about identity in a way that you may even be able to relate to personally.

Do walls work?

Border walls and visa requirements are the go-to methods of many countries when it comes to controlling migration, but they may not always have their intended effect, says migration scholar Hein de Haas.

How can diversity work?

Some cities, countries, and institutions promote multiculturalism while others consider it a dirty word. UC Berkeley’s Irene Bloemraad breaks down what promotion of multiculturalism looks like, focusing on Canada.

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