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We are a small team, mostly women and mostly migrants, working toward a seemingly impossible mission: to spur civil, evidence-based dialogue in our divided world about migration and diversity.

We work on a project basis, which means we actively look and apply for money to produce high-quality video that is free to you. Sometimes, we also get some money to distribute this video, but often circulating and sharing our videos is extraneous, i.e. a labor of love. In addition, we maintain our non-profit organization, screen our videos, host interns, give workshops, advise other organizations, and collaborate locally all at our own cost or via external donations.

Donations enable us to continue our work in the community and to keep the lights on.

Please donate your desired amount (suggested: 5-50 EUR) to the following:

Migration Matters e.V.
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If you would like a donation receipt, just send us an email (team[at]!

We thank you in advance for your contribution and for believing, like we do, that quality journalism and critical thinking are things worth supporting.